Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Last Log for a while!!!! (Constipation!!!)
A Weem A Waay part 2

So we’re tkaing the prisoners back to Rool cause Kiska say don’t kill em which is cool, Me Chumley, don’t like killing (cept thems that needs it!) and then these cannibals show up! Lots of them! In good armor, etc. Now I’m pretty sure we could take em, but there were a LOT of them and they want the prisoners. Kiska says no and tells them to go eat the ones we killed they bitch and whine but finally agree.

Oh, Gorrum got a groov y new sword from creepy paladin guy! OH! Me, Chumley forgot that we had a fight at some node and kiska and lob brought a catapult which cracked it and Lob had snucked up on them and seen them and then we went to Rool to get the catapult then we fought them and killed them….. Good catapult! Me Chumley tried to catapult Gorrum over the wall but he was heavy!!

So we finally track down creepy wolf guy who’s sort of wolf morphed and he finally get’s the ganking he so richly deserves but I don’t get to shove his head up his own ass :(

We got a nice little home now and I suppose we’ll stay there building a while. I will miss the adventures!! More later!!

Chumley's Log: who knows when?
New Digs!!! Part 1

So apparen…. apparent… er.. so we musta done something pretty cool! I guess saving the people from the cannibal types made us big god damned heroes or some such ;) So we get granted a village of our very own!!! Too bad it’s the yucky “A Weem A Waay, A Weem A Waay” village that was all stinky and burnt with ded guys….. Still, pretty cool and it give me, Chumley, something to do. we clean up the place, invite some people to come live there, I even gets main squeeze to come with some minni ogres!!

then we go off to check out some dis… distur…. ernnn some things wrong with the magic things that have power …. nodes? Anyhooo we find one that has builder tech of all things!! Some of us get blowed up, then Me, Chumley decides to take 1 for the team and just walks forward setting off all the mines. I admit it, it hurt…. a little :) so we get to the thing in the middle and Kiska tells me to smash it so I do! What fun!!! Then we take some prisoners and head back to Rool… Part 2 next!!

Sad fight.
Arena Fighting

So day of big arena fight happens! Much fun to be had by all Methinks!! Kiska doesn’t join in, she no like fighting very much even though she’s pretty good at it. Anyhoo…. We have some minor contests, archery, throwing (Me, Chumley, participate but do not do very well. It isn’t relly me, Chumley’s style to fight from a distance.)

So the Grand Melee starts up. Everything goes well for the first few rounds then things get tough. Kiska’s brother seems to be an unstoppable force swatting everything from his path. Me, Chumley, Gorrum, Krothu, and a couple of others agree to down the great beast before we fight each other. We succeed!!! The great beast falls. He looks a tad upset……

Anyhoo, then comes the sad part. Now we have to fight each other. Chumley does not like this. He tries to go easy, but there’s some kind of timer so him have to smack down Gorrum and Krothu. Chumley not very happy about this.

Chumley IS very happy about prize though! Necklace is a wonderful addition to me, Chumley’s, fighting prowess!

Our gorup gets granted it’s own gather to found! How cool is that!!! So we are going to this gather to found it I suppose. Kiska will be in charge as always with Me, Chumley, keeping her safe. The new gather will be wonderous!!

Gorrum's Log
The fight at Wilderway

Gorrum spar with Karag, Karag fun to spar with. Gorrum hear rumors of troubles in nearby city.
We go to nearby city to see what happened.
Kiska friend mole dwarf show up in the woods.
He warn us of nasty wolf thing and bad powers near the city we headed to.
He digging lots of holes.
We make it to town, lots of dead stuff in town.
We find people hiding in Tavern. People tell us to go away.
They very rude people.
We keep searching city. We find thing in house biting someone. Person died, Chumley took thing’s head.
We continue through house. Chumley complain about chest pains as nasty creatures appear. I get excited about targets to kill, they not scary at all.
Creatures suround us. I cut down ones near me. Grass turns to wood and destroys others around Chumley and Karag.
Giant fleshy golem thing gets cut down.
I keep moving and cut down three more.
I see Starsi come down and join me in cutting down more.
Starsi get hurt, they all start looking at him.
I hear rumbling and screaming near the Tavern.
I work on making my way back to the Tavern.
Guy in Tavern curses about Drannak.
We check church. Priests are pinned to ste…ste…top of church inside, they look very messed up. Place feel creepy.
We go check Town hall next. Mayor door locked. We break door down. explosion hurt Chumley. Mayor dead.
Time to head back to Rool. I hear big battle tournament coming up. I hope to fight in it. Maybe I even win.

Chumley's Log: No heads up Ass today.....
There's always TOMORROW!!!!

So we get some time off after our run home. Kiska does something Kiska’y who knows? Lob makes potions (SURPRISE!!! :) ) I manage to get let into the good adept school. they kept asking me to lift other students so I did…. They said with my “mind” and I said No, I don’t mind…. I’m sorta confused about that….. Anyhooo The Mak Tir Na Nog assigned us 2 new friends!!! Me, Chumley likes making new friends!! And they are Ogres!! (kinda small scruffy Ogres but beggars can’t be choosers!!) So we went on patrol I think? Checking out some “hot spots” where trouble might be. And we found some of it!!! Couplea Trolls, some Goblin magi dude. Fun times putting a beat down on em. New friends did real good! One actually stayed and guarded Kiska! (I’m pretty sure he was just staring at her ass…..) More later.

Chumley's Log (PUN intended!!)
That snake's bigger'n my willie!!!!

Sooo…. we’re on our neverending quest to track down bad things. This time it’s can… canna… people that eat people! We’d beat some up last time and we found where they’d holed up. Anyhoo, we were beating up on them something fierce, Kiska in particular was blowing them up MOST sat… satis…. really really good! (I threw my sword… ooops…. ;) ) Then some bad hobgoblin comes in, they never come alone, but this one seemed to…. So we turn to git him, but he’s killing the cannabis too!! THEN this REALLY big SNAKE comes in and starts eating things!!! Well, we ran (you would too!!) eventually the snake chased us for like TWO whole days!!! It bit me once (it hurt!!) and poisoned me (no biggie, I shrugged it off ogrefully) and we got back to Fig. Then we went back to Rool. Something big is probably on the horizon…..

Observations in the Camp!!!

10th to 12th of First Hunt

Who knew the depravity of humans almost matched the horrors of the Blood Queen herself, children not even above for supper. Their return to Rool remained uneventful as they returned with the wagon of food. A grim discovery was uncovered with Dwergs on the top of the food chain, evidence provided by those serrated knives the cowardly head of this group used for eating. Orders were to continue, motivated towards hunting them to extinction. Stopping for the night entertainment would be provided, the Druidness Kiska spotting the shadowy entity first. Second was the Ogre Chumley, whom was disturbed enough to stay constantly awake. Krothu was most vulnerable at the time, his mind enveloped in dark thoughts. Suddenly, he went to plunge that spear into the Goblin oblivious to the sighting. Chumley defended, a fight ensued before Kiska was alerted. Unleashing her wrath, it triggered some magical fail safe and things ended from there. Fig was the destination next for them, likely to learn more of the dangers lurking.


Observations on Patrol!!!

Beginning of First Hunt

An abundance of threats welcomed the returning warriors of the Northern Gathers, dismayed by the foreign magic the Prelacy unleashed and its staggering casualties thanks to its mighty power. Many stories were told, Goblinesh partied to celebrate victory and the lives of their kin. Though war plagued outside the Evershade, nothing absurd like that would pause the events unwinding as the frigid winter ends and a new year dawns upon Shaintar.

The following day everyone was devoted towards all news pertaining to the forest. Krothu spoke to the Werkai clan, learning about the infamous Blackwood; a gargantuan monstrosity that begins terrorizing the area down south. Remnants of the Camon’s military started to descend. Of course freaky marauders desperate enough to eat others. Speaking of that they encountered these Fiendmongers on the road, feasting on the flesh of Goblinesh coming from the south. The druidness annihilated them quickly with a flurry of thorns at a tremendous speed, the Swordsmen known as Chumley ridding the world of the person. Note to self, never enjoy your Goblinesh meal in their presence.


Observations on Trouble!!!

End of Dark Moons

Dismissing any thought of saving these hunters, probably connected towards witnessing her form through them. Took care of them swiftly, but darkness began to snuff out the light as a storm quickly emerged. Howls were heard and the warriors of Rool ran quickly for cover. From there no idea of plans, but everything pointed downwards in the Evershade. Wolf pack was unable to locate. Wularzob better shifter of canines than tracker, their patrols continued as his storm vanished. The sources where essence was plenty within the land lead them near a community of hunters the one with the foreign crossbow possessed.

There was the twisted and disfigured hobgoblins embraced by the Blood Witch, a squadron of Defenders quite dedicated towards keeping their statio guarded and this berserk pair of twins alive. One cloaked in the natural camouflages of the forest opened fire, puncturing large crossbolts into the spear wielding orc whom obviously practiced the way with that visible crystal. Whatever it planned, those manipulating essence were the prime targets as the princess fell not too shortly and without the armored Ogre capable of deflecting the blows onto himself. Its defenders wounded them plenty, but it was the tornadoe of a sweeping blow that collapsed most of their forces. Unexpected was an enormous orc hiding in the sidelines. He swooped upon the scene, shifting their losing effort into a winning one. The goblin with the creatures in his command assisted in maiming the twins and as numbers dropped they succeeded. The Rhazgur, Werkai adept, Mak Torkash’s daughter; even the mighty adopted Klintar ogre were among those who almost fell in battle.

Hunters outside the village were saved from their arrival. Enough stalling however made them too late. Those aligned to their recent foes escaped, leaving the area warped by its foreign radiation of essence and dead bodies utilized to fuel whatever it was they had planned. Surviving to fight another day.


Chumley's Log: So THIS is how pain feels!!
I don't like it very much......

Part 1: So we set out to find someone again….. who was it…. wolf guy? Maybe chim… chimaer… weird red lady? Chumley not remember… Best to ask Kiska, she pays atten… she cares about that stuff. All Chumley know is the leaders say “go” and off me, Chumley goes!!! So we track through snow, again…. No fun at all!! Anyhoo Chumley picks Lob up again (it’s nice to have friends!!) and Griz picks up Bolot, or did Fang pick up Bolot….. Anyhoo we see a big, no make that a BIG storm coming and we hear LOTS of baddies coming, like more than even me, Chumley want to face!! So we hoof it and beat the weather to a VERY nice cave, it have pools of hot water in it!! Kiska doesn’t want us to watch while she bathes, me, Chumley not sure why, it not like she ugly or anything…. anyhoo, we get good rest, relax, have fun, me, Chumley passes the booze, all in all a great time! So the storm breaks up and we head out and, of course, the baddies are there! They try to get to the little ones but me and big Orc buddies mostly stop them. We’re having fun, baddies are dying, evil wolf guy runs off I think… Some sniper guy in the bushes is annoying but no biggie. Then the universe kind of pauses…..

Part 2: So things going well in fight, great fun had by all. Lob seems to be OK though I don’t see him, him probably hiding in the trees. Leben seems to be looking after Kiska, him shoot a few baddies, Kiska blows some baddies up. Bolot and Griz and Fang are terrorizing the North area. Gorrum and I are occupying the South area. All is going well.

Then Kiska gets dropped by hidden crossbow guy. I try to jump in front, but can’t see where it comes from…. Me, Chumley, sweep the nasty guys and kill 3 of them and hurt the big 2 headed guy. Get black stuff on himself….It burns… Anyhooo… big 2 head guy goes batcrap crazy and is about to unload a massive sweep, poor Fang is about to be swatted so me, Chumley leaps in front and THEN PAIN!!!!! Chumley not truly understand how this pain thing works until just then. Chumley’s left arm feels like it got cut off and then he doesn’t remember anything until Lob wakes him up and Kiska heals him.

Good news is a new friend, Karag, found us and helped clean up the mess. More good news, Leben spotted crossbow guy and selflessly drew fire (until he saw it was an Ogre anyway!) until the group could deal with it. Anyhooo…. gonna rest, arm hurts…..


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