Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Last Log for a while!!!! (Constipation!!!)

A Weem A Waay part 2

So we’re tkaing the prisoners back to Rool cause Kiska say don’t kill em which is cool, Me Chumley, don’t like killing (cept thems that needs it!) and then these cannibals show up! Lots of them! In good armor, etc. Now I’m pretty sure we could take em, but there were a LOT of them and they want the prisoners. Kiska says no and tells them to go eat the ones we killed they bitch and whine but finally agree.

Oh, Gorrum got a groov y new sword from creepy paladin guy! OH! Me, Chumley forgot that we had a fight at some node and kiska and lob brought a catapult which cracked it and Lob had snucked up on them and seen them and then we went to Rool to get the catapult then we fought them and killed them….. Good catapult! Me Chumley tried to catapult Gorrum over the wall but he was heavy!!

So we finally track down creepy wolf guy who’s sort of wolf morphed and he finally get’s the ganking he so richly deserves but I don’t get to shove his head up his own ass :(

We got a nice little home now and I suppose we’ll stay there building a while. I will miss the adventures!! More later!!


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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