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Chumley's Log: No heads up Ass today.....

There's always TOMORROW!!!!

So we get some time off after our run home. Kiska does something Kiska’y who knows? Lob makes potions (SURPRISE!!! :) ) I manage to get let into the good adept school. they kept asking me to lift other students so I did…. They said with my “mind” and I said No, I don’t mind…. I’m sorta confused about that….. Anyhooo The Mak Tir Na Nog assigned us 2 new friends!!! Me, Chumley likes making new friends!! And they are Ogres!! (kinda small scruffy Ogres but beggars can’t be choosers!!) So we went on patrol I think? Checking out some “hot spots” where trouble might be. And we found some of it!!! Couplea Trolls, some Goblin magi dude. Fun times putting a beat down on em. New friends did real good! One actually stayed and guarded Kiska! (I’m pretty sure he was just staring at her ass…..) More later.


You skipped mention of the prelacy

Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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