Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Log (PUN intended!!)

That snake's bigger'n my willie!!!!

Sooo…. we’re on our neverending quest to track down bad things. This time it’s can… canna… people that eat people! We’d beat some up last time and we found where they’d holed up. Anyhoo, we were beating up on them something fierce, Kiska in particular was blowing them up MOST sat… satis…. really really good! (I threw my sword… ooops…. ;) ) Then some bad hobgoblin comes in, they never come alone, but this one seemed to…. So we turn to git him, but he’s killing the cannabis too!! THEN this REALLY big SNAKE comes in and starts eating things!!! Well, we ran (you would too!!) eventually the snake chased us for like TWO whole days!!! It bit me once (it hurt!!) and poisoned me (no biggie, I shrugged it off ogrefully) and we got back to Fig. Then we went back to Rool. Something big is probably on the horizon…..


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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