Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Log: So THIS is how pain feels!!

I don't like it very much......

Part 1: So we set out to find someone again….. who was it…. wolf guy? Maybe chim… chimaer… weird red lady? Chumley not remember… Best to ask Kiska, she pays atten… she cares about that stuff. All Chumley know is the leaders say “go” and off me, Chumley goes!!! So we track through snow, again…. No fun at all!! Anyhoo Chumley picks Lob up again (it’s nice to have friends!!) and Griz picks up Bolot, or did Fang pick up Bolot….. Anyhoo we see a big, no make that a BIG storm coming and we hear LOTS of baddies coming, like more than even me, Chumley want to face!! So we hoof it and beat the weather to a VERY nice cave, it have pools of hot water in it!! Kiska doesn’t want us to watch while she bathes, me, Chumley not sure why, it not like she ugly or anything…. anyhoo, we get good rest, relax, have fun, me, Chumley passes the booze, all in all a great time! So the storm breaks up and we head out and, of course, the baddies are there! They try to get to the little ones but me and big Orc buddies mostly stop them. We’re having fun, baddies are dying, evil wolf guy runs off I think… Some sniper guy in the bushes is annoying but no biggie. Then the universe kind of pauses…..

Part 2: So things going well in fight, great fun had by all. Lob seems to be OK though I don’t see him, him probably hiding in the trees. Leben seems to be looking after Kiska, him shoot a few baddies, Kiska blows some baddies up. Bolot and Griz and Fang are terrorizing the North area. Gorrum and I are occupying the South area. All is going well.

Then Kiska gets dropped by hidden crossbow guy. I try to jump in front, but can’t see where it comes from…. Me, Chumley, sweep the nasty guys and kill 3 of them and hurt the big 2 headed guy. Get black stuff on himself….It burns… Anyhooo… big 2 head guy goes batcrap crazy and is about to unload a massive sweep, poor Fang is about to be swatted so me, Chumley leaps in front and THEN PAIN!!!!! Chumley not truly understand how this pain thing works until just then. Chumley’s left arm feels like it got cut off and then he doesn’t remember anything until Lob wakes him up and Kiska heals him.

Good news is a new friend, Karag, found us and helped clean up the mess. More good news, Leben spotted crossbow guy and selflessly drew fire (until he saw it was an Ogre anyway!) until the group could deal with it. Anyhooo…. gonna rest, arm hurts…..


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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