Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Gorrum's Log

The fight at Wilderway

Gorrum spar with Karag, Karag fun to spar with. Gorrum hear rumors of troubles in nearby city.
We go to nearby city to see what happened.
Kiska friend mole dwarf show up in the woods.
He warn us of nasty wolf thing and bad powers near the city we headed to.
He digging lots of holes.
We make it to town, lots of dead stuff in town.
We find people hiding in Tavern. People tell us to go away.
They very rude people.
We keep searching city. We find thing in house biting someone. Person died, Chumley took thing’s head.
We continue through house. Chumley complain about chest pains as nasty creatures appear. I get excited about targets to kill, they not scary at all.
Creatures suround us. I cut down ones near me. Grass turns to wood and destroys others around Chumley and Karag.
Giant fleshy golem thing gets cut down.
I keep moving and cut down three more.
I see Starsi come down and join me in cutting down more.
Starsi get hurt, they all start looking at him.
I hear rumbling and screaming near the Tavern.
I work on making my way back to the Tavern.
Guy in Tavern curses about Drannak.
We check church. Priests are pinned to ste…ste…top of church inside, they look very messed up. Place feel creepy.
We go check Town hall next. Mayor door locked. We break door down. explosion hurt Chumley. Mayor dead.
Time to head back to Rool. I hear big battle tournament coming up. I hope to fight in it. Maybe I even win.


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