Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Observations in the Camp!!!

10th to 12th of First Hunt

Who knew the depravity of humans almost matched the horrors of the Blood Queen herself, children not even above for supper. Their return to Rool remained uneventful as they returned with the wagon of food. A grim discovery was uncovered with Dwergs on the top of the food chain, evidence provided by those serrated knives the cowardly head of this group used for eating. Orders were to continue, motivated towards hunting them to extinction. Stopping for the night entertainment would be provided, the Druidness Kiska spotting the shadowy entity first. Second was the Ogre Chumley, whom was disturbed enough to stay constantly awake. Krothu was most vulnerable at the time, his mind enveloped in dark thoughts. Suddenly, he went to plunge that spear into the Goblin oblivious to the sighting. Chumley defended, a fight ensued before Kiska was alerted. Unleashing her wrath, it triggered some magical fail safe and things ended from there. Fig was the destination next for them, likely to learn more of the dangers lurking.



Ruben_Rivera Ruben_Rivera

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