Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Observations on Patrol!!!

Beginning of First Hunt

An abundance of threats welcomed the returning warriors of the Northern Gathers, dismayed by the foreign magic the Prelacy unleashed and its staggering casualties thanks to its mighty power. Many stories were told, Goblinesh partied to celebrate victory and the lives of their kin. Though war plagued outside the Evershade, nothing absurd like that would pause the events unwinding as the frigid winter ends and a new year dawns upon Shaintar.

The following day everyone was devoted towards all news pertaining to the forest. Krothu spoke to the Werkai clan, learning about the infamous Blackwood; a gargantuan monstrosity that begins terrorizing the area down south. Remnants of the Camon’s military started to descend. Of course freaky marauders desperate enough to eat others. Speaking of that they encountered these Fiendmongers on the road, feasting on the flesh of Goblinesh coming from the south. The druidness annihilated them quickly with a flurry of thorns at a tremendous speed, the Swordsmen known as Chumley ridding the world of the person. Note to self, never enjoy your Goblinesh meal in their presence.



Ruben_Rivera Ruben_Rivera

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