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Sad fight.

Arena Fighting

So day of big arena fight happens! Much fun to be had by all Methinks!! Kiska doesn’t join in, she no like fighting very much even though she’s pretty good at it. Anyhoo…. We have some minor contests, archery, throwing (Me, Chumley, participate but do not do very well. It isn’t relly me, Chumley’s style to fight from a distance.)

So the Grand Melee starts up. Everything goes well for the first few rounds then things get tough. Kiska’s brother seems to be an unstoppable force swatting everything from his path. Me, Chumley, Gorrum, Krothu, and a couple of others agree to down the great beast before we fight each other. We succeed!!! The great beast falls. He looks a tad upset……

Anyhoo, then comes the sad part. Now we have to fight each other. Chumley does not like this. He tries to go easy, but there’s some kind of timer so him have to smack down Gorrum and Krothu. Chumley not very happy about this.

Chumley IS very happy about prize though! Necklace is a wonderful addition to me, Chumley’s, fighting prowess!

Our gorup gets granted it’s own gather to found! How cool is that!!! So we are going to this gather to found it I suppose. Kiska will be in charge as always with Me, Chumley, keeping her safe. The new gather will be wonderous!!


Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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