Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Observations on Training

1st to 15th of Dark Moons

Heroes emerge through the horrors of warfare, taking arms and obliterating those grotesque beast blessed by the crimson queen. They form the next day with betrayal or simply envy in their hearts onto those foreign to them for receiving no actions inflicted onto them. Greed and self preservation are primal urges reeking in a human warrior from the Southeast. Wanting respect but without the risks to go with the gambit. Heroes seek an answer, maybe a better Torkash to represent their domin. Perhaps soon we will see civil war with the Olaran or the Dwarf.

Amusement witnessing these heroes bettering those feeble ones, building an militia of sorts. While they take time, filthy feral orc druid goes out seeking new companions around the Evershade or maybe beyond for those weaken without ample meat. As proven they spring forth, encountering him briefly before fleeing with a few wolves to distract with some meager hunters probably succumb to some horrors to assist. Did not expect the hunters to be kept breathing…. smarter than expected.


Chumley's Log: Where does that guy get all the wolves?
Training for dummies.

So here we all are enjoying some well earned hero worship. Something goes on with some human mayor in the South of the gather and something to do with the people who didn’t get hurt and didn’t help during the attempted invasion. Anyhooo…. Kiska wants to train the refuse in combat. Me, Chumley, thinks this is a good idea so we begin beating on people and Kiska runs them into the ground, good fun!! :)

Later we take a nice walk looking for crazy spooky witch lady. We find creepy wolf guy with, you guessed it!, more wolves!!! Where does he FIND them all? Sp they try and chew on us and it goes poorly for them. But we can’t even skin them cause they’re corrupted! How unfair is that? Evil wolf guy is smart, he runs at the first sight of us and leaves a couple of archers to command his wolves. We’ll run him down soon enough.

Chumley's Log: The great blackout...
WTF did I drink last night???

So me, Chumley, finds himself this HOT Juggernaut woman with obvious Orc blood since she has SUCH a noble mien!! Chumley is lucky to have Nyma (cougar in russian) (she’s TWENTY TWO!!!) with legs of iron!!! Anyhooo… even though Chumley is getting busy he still has time to remember to help his friend, Gorrum, get his armor repaired since Chumleys friend, Gorrum, obviously is in no condition to get his armor repaired. Hell, we needed a pry bar to get him OUT of his armor…. Anyhoo my bestest friend Lob almost blew himself up making some of his conc… concoc… brews. Once me, Chumley, found out Lob was OK, me Chumley, LAUGHED and LAUGHED!!!! then there was lots of sex. For once me. Chumley, met his match!! Nyma almost broke me, Chumley’s spine!!! It was Glorious!!!

Next day we all woke up and got ready to leave to pursue weird black blood wolf guy but before we could leave, Rool was assaulted by some HUGE tentacled beastie of a troll/eldakar/dwarf thing!!!! At this point Chumley kind of lost himself to blackout…… It was as if some other power was directing me, Chumley!!!!

Afterwords Chumley’s friends told me, Chumley, that me, Chumley, lopped the head off some weird flying thingie!! (Chumley wishes he remembered this….) So apparently we beat back the assault with no casualties. The Gods themselves complained that we laid waste to plans of devastating proportions!! (dammit, me, Chumley, used words with too many syllables!! Dammit, me, Chumley did it again!!!!) anyhoo, apparently we saw the silver pointy horn horsey, again. And she blessed us, again….. (read that last line in forest gump fashion "so I met the president, again…) Chumley really likes Silver pointy horn horsey and the feeling MUST be mutual!!! So anyhooo, now we’re heroes and such….. again…. Apparently Nyma REALLY likes me, oddly enough the feeling is mutual!! More later, not all battles are fought in the field!!!

Lob's Journal v. 2
Oh Heck no

Lob and group tasked to finding the corrupted druid.
but first before we head out to do this, I try to make some new potions of my wonderful elixirs, after make one and putting it up, the next attempt failed blowing my my lab to bits, hurting me in the blast.
The next day first thing we have the clan-homes being sealed by stone golems with the exception of the Nikkar aka Roolville (However no aid came from that direction).
The abominations that came in scared me very bad, I fear that I soiled myself at the sight of those abominations..
My first thought was to run far from them, but as I evaluated the danger to my clan-home and felt that I had to do my best to defend it much to my dislike I found myself next to the largest of them and trying my best to hit it, Well I failed in that, but felt good that the creature was knocked down right after that and then the creature was changed in to and ogre from a troll/mix. Then the next danger was the thing flying, I could not figure out how to affect it except to try to out smart it.. (What was I thinking, moving out in front of everything???)

Cast of characters
Lob (Me)


Observations on Attack!!!!!

1st of Dark Moons

Puzzled, yet amused I could not foresee these events. A beast of burden twisted from the magic of two witches and an ironic art piece grafted to life, mocking the ascended. Broke through their entrance and mobilizing the spirits of Earth to contain the rest. Fixated on the group trailing the wolf orc fanatic consumed in her embrace, curiosity why she cherished him to intervene. Odds looked even, chimeric druid hovering about with superiority in agility within the confines of the sky while massive beast held a few hostages. The blade of the Ogre proved most threatening, their team greatest weapon.

Carving through the Troll, slaughtering it with assistance from others. Goblin tried despite stature to outwit this beast, watching it evading the trajectory unless it came from the daughter of the Mak Torkash. Her accuracy great and magic ferocious. The heavy armored orc and the orc with the crystal team well in slowing the Troll advances at different points. One was a shaman distracting the beast, displaying no fear and great dexterity to evade its multiple limbs, Odd to watch them call upon the silver unicorn, transforming the body back to an Ogre. Everyone glowed intensely of white silver light, overwhelming the bizarre druid before an explosion of light maimed it and had it crash to the ground. It teach them to not underestimate her lightly, though the Chimera served well. Now the newcomers are renowned, what other surprises will they have.


Chumley's Log: Hanging with the Bear!
Things go bump in the night

So we’re home enjoying the perks of being heroes (they’re nice perks!!) and we get some time off to do things. Gorrum does some fighter training and breaks some Goblins arm, this would normally be no big deal as Goblin’s arms are fragile and easily broken, but THIS Gobbo was BIG!!! (I mean for a goblin) and Strong!! Even strong for an orc much less a Goblin! Anyhooo Gorrum (see? I remembered his name!!!) breaks his arm and is kind of looked down upon for a while. So he goes batcrap crazy and challenges one of the Ogre head guys to a fight and gets his rump kicked which was pretty much expected.

Meanwhile Kiska did some invest… Investa…. er, she read some books. Anyhooo she won’t tell us what she found (women!!!, can’t live with em, not polite to eat em!).

bolot and I learned more of The Way from: GET THIS!!! The Bear!!!! It was cool! Well kinda weird, but cool…. Anyway it worked, I feel more connected and centered.

Then it came time for Leben to face his punishment/rede… redem… Try and kill black blood wolf guy. It went fine for a while, they seemed evenly matched. then wolf dude went batcrap crazy and started hitting hard. It was still OK, he was easier for Leben to hit. then it was like some black cloud descended or something….. Every hit Leben landed only made wolf dude stronger…. He hit faster and more often, he shrugged off blows that shoulda hurt… I was sure Leben was done for due to some vile magic… I was ALMOST right!!! Some creepy chick popped in and grabbed creepy wolf guy and bamfed out with the usual BS villain speech “you can’t have this one, blah blah blah…..” the only way to deal with that nonsense is to cut off the head, pee on the body, then burn it. anyhooooo I’m pretty sure Leben has a new friend!!!!! More later unless crazy witch chick kills us all……

Returning to Rool

After finding Wularzob and his wolves and dealing with them we proceeded to take them back to Rool. On the way back a group of humans led by Leben wanted to kill Wularzob for murdering his younger brother. I tried to convince him that our prisoner would face justice. I gave my word, but he was blinded by rage and the idea of revenge to listen. He shot at me but Chumley the annoying Ogre who tries to play stupid. We quickly dealt with him and the other human hunters. Chumley seems to have an unhealthy interest in asses. We took Leben back to Rool where Chumley spoke in his defense. Meanwhile we have found that Wularzob has been partially corrupted by darkness. I saw a vague form of a female Human? vampire? that claimed to be responsible for his corruption. I must get stronger to combat her.

Chumley's Log: Ummmm.........
The walk home.

So we got this black bloody sorta dead sorta live Orc wolf lover guy capt… captu… umm… bonked on the head. The smart people want to carry him home but me, Chumley, knows better! Me, Chumley makes a Tra…. Travo…. um…. a sled!!! To lay him down on and pull him over the snow!!! Other people forget to tie him up, but CHUMLEY remembers!!! he takes the rope and throws it on top of the 1/2 dead guy! Problem solved!! :) One of Chumley’s new Orc friends, Gollum? Krack?? We’ll call him “Smashes Shield!!!” :) Teaches Chumley that rope is not for laying on top of prisoner, but for tying him up with!!! Chumley is happy to learn this!! Anyhoo…. we hook up the sled to me and we start walking. On the way we meet this COOL Goblin guy Borat!! He has his Own Wolf and Bear!!! How Fng COOL is that? Anyhoo appar… apparent…. well, the Bear can supp… dammit…. the Fng Bear can talk!!! (well me, Chumley didn’t actually HEAR the bear, but that’s what they say….). Borat has a bow and everything, he RIDES the BEAR!!!! how COOOOL!!!!! So we’re all walking and talking and I’m passing the beer around when all of a sudden some wacky humans with bows come out and command us to stop. I mean THEY command US to stop….. Chumley is so amused by this he drops the sled!!!! Well Kiska tries to walk up alone to talk the humans down, but of course Chumley can’t let her go off on her own, she might get hurt and then high chief mucky muck will be mad and Chumley will have to leave another Gather because of another GD chief’s daughter even if she DOES have a nice butt…. Anyhooooo….. this one human, Levi or Lob (no, that’s Chumley’s goblin pal) or Lovin?? Talks to Kiska and things seem to be going OK, the 1/2 dead wolf Orc guy killed Lovin’s brother or something and he’s pissed. Chumley understands, he would be pissed too!! So Kiska says something bad, I think she called his mother a slut or something, and Lovin gets all mad and then arrows come flying at Kiska. A couple miss and one was going to hit but me, Chumely, steps in front of it (hoping Lob knows enough to hide cause me, Chumely is too far away) and the arrow sorta goes “poink”. Now one would think that the humans would realize that this is all a waste of time and pack up and go home. But NOOO….. They have more humans in the trees! Not ENOUGH humans, but more…. Long story short, humans get pasted, Lovin get’s captured, Kiska gets bruised a bit. Nothing serious to our group. So we take Lovin and 1/2 dead Orc to chief Mucky Muck. He wants to kill Lovin (who tells me his name is LEBEN) Anyhooo, me, Chumley, gets mad at this and says "No, you can’t kill stupid Lov.. er. Leben, just for bruising Kiska (even if it was on her cute butt) " So me, Chumley, thinks he’s going to have to run for it, but High Chief Mucky Muck makes a wise decision (Me Chumley MUST now learn his name me, Chumley, supposes) and rema… reman…. gives him into me, Chumley’s care. Leben promises to be good. More later if Leben doesn’t do something stupid and try to run and get me, Chumley, killed…….

Lob's newest best friend

White River 15, we got assembled and told to go find a hunter that was overdue to be back along with his wolves, If we didn’t find him alive we were to bring his body back, I didn’t gripe, but I was hesitant to venture forth, but the group of us that was sent made me more like the trip than I would otherwise, The group had Kiska (very honored and respected), Thraxx (who seems to be a ranger of some sorts… ), Gorram, Covuk (another Goblin) Chumley (A real nice big guy, my newest best friend), And myself (Lob)
Part of my duties was to look for more herbs and such to help out in the Clan, Well it was not far from home that Chumley proved he was an awesome person to me, I had not noticed but there seemed to be some type of critters that started to follow me with the idea of having me for a meal, (I would not have liked that..) Well the big guy sort of put an end to their ideas and smushed them.
Well not long after that the snow started making it hard for me to do anything, Chumley proceeded to help me by carrying me along and keeping me warm, Did I mention he is a real nice guy?
Well we followed track for awhile and had to make camp, the magic using folks cast a spell to help us make our way through the bad weather so we could get the task done quicker and get back home.
After a couple nights we had something get near our camp and Gorram woke everyone with such a racket, Well Chumley ventured forth and I attempted to sneak behind him as I didn’t know what to expect. What we found saddened me and make my skin crawl, the hunter and his pack of wolves were infected with something that seemed to make them rabid, and had black stuff coming forth. well a lot of the wolves must of smelled me as they came right after me, I dodged and weaved making most of them miss, and I was unable to do any damage to them, the Big wolf and some of the others went after Covuk, hurting him badly. The hunter and a lot of the pack went after Chumley who broke their will killing the wolves and making the hunter start to run with the aid of magic slung by Kiska, after the hunter turned to run it looked like one of the wolves was going to have me for a midnight snack his breath hot on my face, the drool almost touching me when Chumley put his big hand in the wolves mouth pulling it away from me and likely saving me from that fate.
Kiska managed to knock the hunter out as Chumley and the rest was able to slay the remaining wolves. I aided Covuk with one of my newly made elixirs and was able to heal him for most of the damage that had been done to him.
So we get done with that, heal up everyone that had been injured tied up and stabilized the hunter to take him back to home, not sure what we will be able to do with him in this state..
And we have a couple more days of this nasty weather to put up with..
Today is just the 18th.. and I realized after the fight that even with all the noise, somehow Thraxx didn’t even wake up for it, guess he had really gotten worn out plodding through the snow..

Chumley's Log: Someone told me the dates but I forgot.....

So after a few days of rest big chief mucky muck with one eye gathers some of us in the great hall to tell us to find some Dog guy who got lost in the woods. There was Kiska, the Chiefs daughter (you KNOW how I like Chiefs daughters…..). Lob, a little Goblin who I took an instant liking to (had to carry him through the snow and take a couple of hits for him, more on that soon). Kraxx, pretty cool guy, but he kept whining about kids for some reason…… Covuk who is now known as puppy chew toy, and a scattering of random Orcs who I forget the names of…..

Anyhooo…. off we went into the snow and cold. We followed Kiska for some reason (people kept saying it was because she was smart, but I’m pretty sure it was because she had a nice butt….) so we “tracked” this wolf guy (I’m pretty sure we just started wandering in the woods) and got snowed on a lot and it was cold and I had to carry Lob because he damned near froze his ding dong off!!!! Lob gave me a speed potion and I passed around the flask one night and we told stories!!!

Anyhoooo…. day 3 (or maybe 4??) we were holed up in a cave and a couple of those Orcs I mentioned heard howling and woke us up with shield bashing. (Someone was upset at the noise but I didn’t see why…..) So I wandered out in the cold yelling for whatever was out there to come out. The others followed me, I had a nagging suspicion this wasn’t a good idea but couldn’t QUITE figure out why…… Anyhooo as expected wolves jumped us and the wolf lover except he had black ich… icho…. black stuff on him. the light brite swords seemed to hit hard which meant they must be Eeeeevil!!! Yay!!!!! About 5 bad wolves tried to eat Chumley. They kept biting his poor tender flesh instead of his armor. Foolish them, Chumley’s skin is mostly armor anyway!!! So one wolf tries to eat Lob and Chumley takes the hit and gets hurt. He’s pretty sure that’d piss him off something fierce in a few more months or so…. The other Orcs did real well killing lots of wolves and Kiska was bad ass (she DOES have a nice butt…..) and shot down the Wolf lover guy who we kept alive and drug home. Apparently me, Chumley, killed the big wolf but me, Chumley don’t remember that… it’s as if I weren’t really there….. So off we go back home to our just rewards!!! More later, unless I die, then no more later!!!!


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