Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Log: Sometime after his last one.
Initiation time.

So Chumley had to leave his last Gather due to some kind of indis… Indiscret… err… He slept with the Chief’s daughter. Anyhooo…. Chumley wanders up the road heading North, at least he thinks its North, it might be East…. possibly West…. Nice Ogre that gave Chumley Light bright Ogre sword that obviously doesn’t hurt Evil like everyone says cause it didn’t hurt Murvoth said “go to Rool, there you will find your destiny”. Chumley had nothing better to do that day (and really didn’t want Chief to catch him) so off he went!!

The road was unev.. unevent…. nothing F’d with Chumley as he headed to Rool (possibly due to Chumley being so nice to everyone he met). At Rool he met new Chief who said that since Chumley was only 13 and not yet and adult, Chumley must go on some sort of march through the woods to a holy place and drink some potion or other (personally Chumley thinks it was just booze). Chumley was only allowed to bring light bright sword with him. Anyhooo.. Chumley kills some animals to feed himself, makes a fire, gets drunk on “holy potion” (yeah, right!!) and see’s visions of some sort….

Rool Shaman "inter… inrpret… " tells everyone what they mean. (Chumley is fairly sure Shaman is fulll of S**t, but Chumley lives to make others happy so he goes along". Anyhoo Shaman forsees great future for Chumley and Chief adopts Chumley into tribe. Everyone gets drunk!!!!

Some other Ogre picks a fight with me, Chumley, and even though Chumley try VERY hard not to hurt poor dumb Ogre Chumley end up Pimp slapping poor dumb Ogre back to 5th grade (which, honestly, is probably 5 grades higher than Ogre was originally!!, hehheh, Chumley “beat some sense into him”!! hehehe) After the beat down, everyone seemed happy which made Chumley happy (poor dumb Ogre didn’t seem happy but one can’t have everything!) Anyhooo Chumley is now valued member of society and was given a SECOND light bright sword to comm…. commem… to cele… celeb…. er, to welcome him to the Gather!!!! Yay!!!!! This concludes the latest chapter in Chumley’s life. More to come????

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