Rool Military Hierarchy

The genesis of the gather of Rool became established through a mighty Ogre abiding through traditions of the grueling North, dawning its permanent station with the Imperial Organization. Culture has morphed it for numerous reasons, most reasonable lacking numbers for momentous brigades leaving it closer to a sizable tribe. Majority of the citizens compose of its Battalion, signified as all individuals at the very least five years before thoughts of venturing outside, pursuing other trades, and other endeavors in life .

Rankings of Significance are as followed:

War Paragon (General/War leader)

  • Xuag( Zoo-ack)

Invokers of War ( Specialized= warlord)

  • Ruzzalo
  • Grigori (Grig-go-reel)
  • Kiryak


War Commanders

War Chieftains


Battle Leader




Rool Military Hierarchy

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