Seven Lineages of Rool

Tomes of the past have venerated their progenitor Roolzurik who founded this gather, symbolic in its warrior roots and revered for being the strongest when its necessary to protect their kin of all eight Goblinesh Gathers in the Evershade. Coursing through the veins of their forefather are reputable descendants, the purest whom share the greatest relation from blood ties. Identical to the social norms of other races, these clans epitomize his legacy parallel to nobility within other civilizations as the upper echelon of society. Each deemed paragons from not only relation, but through their feats that has elevated their home. Attributed towards the militaristic nature, these seven clans all excel in warfare , yet together are a true blight to all oppositions. Representing their significance, each of their domin is encased in Marrowstone but distinguished in minor ways.


Kuzkron Vorig



Yupa Zaak



Seven Lineages of Rool

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