Three Stones of Rool

Maintaining traditions in warding off threats and accepting Goblinesh whom found reasons to flock to Rool as a new home. Sheltering plenty of their kin overtime has spouted a foundation amongst their gather. Constant conflicts from the forest, enemies, and unfortunately size left them in an unusual predicament. Sanctioned by the Mak Torkash at the time and by extension the esteemed seven lineages representing Rool bloodline, three large domin encircled in fortified stone as dictated the social norm for this society. Segregated partly through some form of caste system, clans that inherited their profession or particular skill set now dwelled somewhere appropriate. Its denizen might demonstrate some envy, yet they are still greatly valued. Located further from the center to the Mak Torkash, yet not isolated compared to the Nikkar District.

Groups of Note

Voigrum Clans

Yunari- Accompanying the militaristic centerfold of the Evershade gather, the unscrupulous clan originating from the Gnoshen Cabal in Malakar Dominion. Excluding the famed slayers of Vallkka, the majority of outsiders from other corners of the Evershade have encountered these opportunist warriors. Their deity is coin which they surrender as a tithe to Rool. Massive in number with a diversity of skills, they are cherished when more unethical missions are required and overall are loyal to their home.

Werkai- Basked in the unmolested forest of the Evershade, those who heeded the call centuries ago for a home warded off from the calamitous nature of other civilizations. The Werkai are defined as hunters of a different accord of the domin of Vallkka or the roamers like the Yupa Zaak. They participate in the stalking and hunting of worthy prey. When not committed to hunting for sustenance in the gather, its towards proof of worth as their forte is honoring kills in trophy form. Elaborate traps, ambush tactics , and at times the deployment of magic.

Saadrek- Defiance to the norm is what exemplifies the radical thinking group from the Southern Gathers. Frequently a group with a pendant for siege orientated weaponry would be placed within the confines of the Jaakrah. Unorthodox and destructive like a storm, their methods are defined towards monstrosities like explosives and weapons enabled for maximum damage. Battling foes with intent of complete obliteration and the anxiousness to test their devices like any dedicated warrior.

Jaakrah Clans

Brindor- Representing the artistic side of warfare, Brindor engineers are a force that is older than most. Persevering through the centuries on their masonry, worthy of shaping Marrowstone into cherished cornerstones of the gather. Walls, roads, and the structures their kin live within all given by those whose profession has kept Rool standing and improved upon since its inception.

Gormak- Hedonistic pugilist notorious for their mastery at brewing and rowdy nature accompanying them even in the most formal of occasions. Conquerors of the finest brews and foods crafted in the full stocked kitchens or distillery, everyone of Rool who has partaken in a significant meeting or celebration knows of their distinct taste. That same taste can be diminished from a lethal right hook, whether or not they deserve it depends on how drunk they are.

Kervosh Clans

Vanderruk- The ravages of war leave most in a vulnerable state, this clan of phenomenal healers demonstrating its efficiency of nurturing through the horrors of battle. Primarily known as small conclave of apothecaries, many flock towards the magical side of Drudic power and the knowledge of Alchemy. Vanderruk are accredited for saving its people through crucial times, some which have contributed their known skills occasionally in the service of the Rool military. By this respect they hold the axis of life and death.

Three Stones of Rool

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