Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Chumley's Log: Someone told me the dates but I forgot.....

So after a few days of rest big chief mucky muck with one eye gathers some of us in the great hall to tell us to find some Dog guy who got lost in the woods. There was Kiska, the Chiefs daughter (you KNOW how I like Chiefs daughters…..). Lob, a little Goblin who I took an instant liking to (had to carry him through the snow and take a couple of hits for him, more on that soon). Kraxx, pretty cool guy, but he kept whining about kids for some reason…… Covuk who is now known as puppy chew toy, and a scattering of random Orcs who I forget the names of…..

Anyhooo…. off we went into the snow and cold. We followed Kiska for some reason (people kept saying it was because she was smart, but I’m pretty sure it was because she had a nice butt….) so we “tracked” this wolf guy (I’m pretty sure we just started wandering in the woods) and got snowed on a lot and it was cold and I had to carry Lob because he damned near froze his ding dong off!!!! Lob gave me a speed potion and I passed around the flask one night and we told stories!!!

Anyhoooo…. day 3 (or maybe 4??) we were holed up in a cave and a couple of those Orcs I mentioned heard howling and woke us up with shield bashing. (Someone was upset at the noise but I didn’t see why…..) So I wandered out in the cold yelling for whatever was out there to come out. The others followed me, I had a nagging suspicion this wasn’t a good idea but couldn’t QUITE figure out why…… Anyhooo as expected wolves jumped us and the wolf lover except he had black ich… icho…. black stuff on him. the light brite swords seemed to hit hard which meant they must be Eeeeevil!!! Yay!!!!! About 5 bad wolves tried to eat Chumley. They kept biting his poor tender flesh instead of his armor. Foolish them, Chumley’s skin is mostly armor anyway!!! So one wolf tries to eat Lob and Chumley takes the hit and gets hurt. He’s pretty sure that’d piss him off something fierce in a few more months or so…. The other Orcs did real well killing lots of wolves and Kiska was bad ass (she DOES have a nice butt…..) and shot down the Wolf lover guy who we kept alive and drug home. Apparently me, Chumley, killed the big wolf but me, Chumley don’t remember that… it’s as if I weren’t really there….. So off we go back home to our just rewards!!! More later, unless I die, then no more later!!!!


The dates to reference was 15th to 18th of White River to chronicle the events. After all we wish to have it recognized via the active timeline.

Ruben_Rivera faradhii

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