Shaintar J&L Guardians of Rool

Observations on Trouble!!!

End of Dark Moons

Dismissing any thought of saving these hunters, probably connected towards witnessing her form through them. Took care of them swiftly, but darkness began to snuff out the light as a storm quickly emerged. Howls were heard and the warriors of Rool ran quickly for cover. From there no idea of plans, but everything pointed downwards in the Evershade. Wolf pack was unable to locate. Wularzob better shifter of canines than tracker, their patrols continued as his storm vanished. The sources where essence was plenty within the land lead them near a community of hunters the one with the foreign crossbow possessed.

There was the twisted and disfigured hobgoblins embraced by the Blood Witch, a squadron of Defenders quite dedicated towards keeping their statio guarded and this berserk pair of twins alive. One cloaked in the natural camouflages of the forest opened fire, puncturing large crossbolts into the spear wielding orc whom obviously practiced the way with that visible crystal. Whatever it planned, those manipulating essence were the prime targets as the princess fell not too shortly and without the armored Ogre capable of deflecting the blows onto himself. Its defenders wounded them plenty, but it was the tornadoe of a sweeping blow that collapsed most of their forces. Unexpected was an enormous orc hiding in the sidelines. He swooped upon the scene, shifting their losing effort into a winning one. The goblin with the creatures in his command assisted in maiming the twins and as numbers dropped they succeeded. The Rhazgur, Werkai adept, Mak Torkash’s daughter; even the mighty adopted Klintar ogre were among those who almost fell in battle.

Hunters outside the village were saved from their arrival. Enough stalling however made them too late. Those aligned to their recent foes escaped, leaving the area warped by its foreign radiation of essence and dead bodies utilized to fuel whatever it was they had planned. Surviving to fight another day.



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