A homely ogre that keeps things homey.


Rank/XP: Novice/13xp
Race: Ogre
Height: 8’10"
Weight: A bit of chub, y’grot.

Resource: d6

• Agility: d6
• Smarts: d8
• Spirit: d6
• Strength: d10
• Vigor: d8
• Pace: 7"
• Parry: 5
• Toughness: 12 (9)
• Charisma: -2

• Fighting: d6
• Throwing: d6
• Notice: d8
• Repair: d6
• Healing: d8
• Knowledge – Craft (Wood): d6
• Knowledge – Navigation: d6
• Survival: d8
• Tracking: d4
• Stealth: d4

• Great Strides: Pace of 7" instead of 6".
• Keen Sense of Smell: Have Notice at d4 at start and 2 to rolls involving smell.
• Mighty and Resilient: Start with Strength and Vigor of d8, can increase to max of d12 plus 4 and d12 plus 2, respectively.
• Reach: Ogres have Reach 1.
• Size +2: Toughness has +2 due to great bulk.
• Thermal Vision: Ogres have the Infravision Monstrous Ability.
• More Than Muscle: Does not suffer from Bad Eyes, can go above d8 Smarts.
• Education: Gain 5 more skill points to spend on Healing, Knowledges or Investigation. Also gain 1 additional language.
• Brawny: Gains +1 Toughness, can carry 8 times his Strength in weight.

• Big Target: Attackers gain +1 to attack rolls made against ogres.
• Monstrous Size and Appearance: Ogres suffer a -2 Charisma due to their appearance and bearing with non-goblinesh.
• Outsider: All goblinesh face some social stigmas, no matter how progressive the society they are in.
•Slow and Pliable: Must spend double points to raise Spirit.
• Code of Honor (“Mamagob rose us ogres betta den da ottas.”)
• Habit (“Does he ever stop humming?”)
• Ugly (“He must’ve been born out the backdoor, if you catch my drift.”)

Gear and Misc:
– Pike (Str&d8, Reach 2, 2H)
– Ogre Mace (Str&d10, AP2 vs. Plate/Rigid Armor)
– Medium Shield (1 to Parry, 2 to Armor vs ranged hits)
– Full-Chain (3 to Armor, -4 to Coverage)

Backpack, Bedroll, Travel Clothing, Flint and Steel, Whetstone, Water Skin, Rope, Torch x2, Travel Rations (7/7)

Defining Interests
- Living: Herbalism
- Craft: Whittling
- Study: Astronomy

Goblinesh, Galean, Korindian

5: Education
10: Powerful
15: Agility d6 → d8
20: Woodsman
25: Fighting and



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