Light was taken by us by his stature, meeting our demise at the hand of a monstrosity of muscle with sinister intent

Notorious monikers, legendary tales, and personal accounts; all shared a familiar pattern. Roolzurik was a gray ogre that distinguished himself amongst his Ogre brethren in size during the1800s. Behemoth Ogres could not measure to par in the shadow of this gargantuan fortress. Coaxed since birth to become the embodiment of warfare, handled closer to a weapon than an individual. Isolated and only valued in the midst of battle, Roolzurik took this as nurturing and acceptance. This made him a notorious predator in the region up north. Eventually their reliance on their guardian could not save them, perishing and leaving the obtuse Goblinesh in complete solitude. Insatiable hunger for acceptance lead him to going south, gaining a surplus quantity of acknowledgment through warfare.

Drawing in the attention of slavers, Gathers that were attracted to the prospect of bolstering their military might, even potential employers for mercenary work left him active for years. Feats included that muscular hide practically impervious to damage, horrifying stories from hunters on monstrous predators slaughtered like simple game, to annihilating smalll armies with his environment whether it was from nature, man made, or even a sentient being itself.

Migrating to the Evershade Forest, Roolzurik felt content for this setting seem to accommodate him. Ignorant to the affliction of his kin, it was difficult not to realize the calling as many started to root themselves to the area. Goblinesh barely possessed much by the ambitions of others in overwhelming numbers. Living mostly like a hermit in a small clearing he formed, continuously battling against the forest which was ironic. Collection of lost Goblinesh whether from gathers in the region, escaping slavery, or making a new life; Roolzurik desperately defended the few who showed good rapport towards him the only way he knew; combat. Conquering the vegetation the best he can and killing mighty creatures to feed the others, overtime this mammoth of an ogre looked as a figure to respect. What few hostile encounters not crafted by nature he repelled, striving others to defend him in turn and safeguard this area. Gradually, a gather emerged from the area and through the customs of Rorock Paal, realistically lack of from unanimous decision saw him as the Mak Torkash.

This forest was animated, constantly keeping him focus though as time went on the realization despite his meager intellect knew time would soon slay him. Prosperity through what he deemed a dream from the ordeals he faced, Roolzurik grasped this. A life of warfare indeed made him a savant in the regard of bloodshed, teaching his fellow kin what he knew based on the countless type of opponents he has went against. Everyone was significant in the creation of Rool, a name he thought sounded better than just his name. Populating many in what time he had living, by the time of his Ferikaal he contributed one last tradition. Borne from combat all proud warriors of Rool would battle, refusing to die a meager death if capable. Roolzurik’s death was greatly mourned, yet a great feast was honored for the countless pile of dead from slavers in the woods. To this day they strive, defending all, embracing his ways even in the form of an Ironwood golem of his likeness in homage to his trademark Iron-wood tree and his warrior spirit.


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